Super Thursday!

superthursday-blog1Today is Super Thursday!

It is the 9th October 2014 and it is what the publishing trade in the UK are calling Super Thursday. 315 hardback books are officially being published for the run up to Christmas.

Famous names and famous authors are pushed to the front. These books are collectively available from independent booksellers to supermarkets, larger chains and online retailers.

What they have forgotten is Splidge the Cragflinger is also available today!

All right, so my book was published a couple of months a go, but for all the world knows it has been thrust on to the world this very morning with the others.

All you need to know is that Children will love it! Give them something special this year for Christmas.

When Splidge get a job with the King of Gud, the excitement takes over.

A fabulous gift from a new writer.

Splidge the Cragflinger’s first adventure – The Royal Tournament!

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