Month: May 2014

The Artwork is coming together …

artwork1The desire to write prodigiously, every day and to get produce a body of work on the scale of, say Anthony Trollop, is laudable, but the ability to do so is challenged by real life and the daily problems of earning a living. Not least, I feel I am still learning to write and that everything I do is poor and immature, regardless that it is intended to be aimed at children. Young people are the hardest audience to write for. If bored, they will abandon it and move on. It is only as you get older that you might persevere with inferior work for a tad longer. But if it is utter rubbish, then no one will read it.

However, the artwork for the book, Splidge The Cragflinger, is coming along. My drawing skills have incrementally improved, which is great and for a personal victory, although there is still a very long way to go before I could even begin to call myself an illustrator. I think I can ‘get away with having them presented within my own book, calling them simply, ‘the authors sketches’. I believe that way adds something to the work. Anyway, at present I am preparing the master images for the 18 chapter headings. I am drawing them double the size they will eventually be. They shall be then be digitised and tweaked in Photoshop before being dropped onto the page. I need to create a new cover photo, along the lines that I have already outlined, but with more a detailed background. I would like more of the story features depicted somewhere on the cover so that when the reader reaches a point in the story that stumbles across them, he or she can tick it off, as it were, as their significance becomes apparent.

I have, stored up in my brain, many stories to tell and book ideas to write and I desperately want to get cracking on them all, but I need before all else, to know that it works and that people want to read the rubbish I write. And that my work is acceptable. I doubt I will ever be a master at any of this, I do not have the confidence. I am not like someone I know, who used to be a friend, when asked about his first ‘novel’ said candidly, he thought it a masterpiece. I am, however, very proud of my first children’s book, although, I am not egotistical to claim it is anything more than average. I hope it captures the imagination and sells in significant numbers to allow me to write more and get better at it.

Time, as ever, will tell.