Month: June 2014

Book2 – First Draft Written

book2-draftIt has been a while since posting here and that is because I have been busy writing my books. I have now finished the first draft of book 2 of the Splidge the Cragflinger series. It is very rough and I have had print off a copy, so I can read it away from the computer and digest the story. I will need to rewrite it and then edit it, but that is ok. I wanted to get a book copy of it, to initially stick in a drawer for a while and forget about it, and then later come back to it afresh for the rewrites.

The printed copy arrived today (while I was busy writing book 3, as it happens) and I took a quick read and I can honestly say it is dreadful! Of course, that is because it is literally the first draft, in other words, as written, with all errors and storylines that don’t work – a sort of stream of consciousness. That’s fine. It is better than it being stuck in a text file on my PC or anonymous document on my Google Docs account. At least if I die, there is a record of the work. 🙂

The first book, The Royal Tournament, is very close to publication (yeah, I know, it’s only self publication or vanity publication by another name) and it will be available for those parties that are interested to have a gander at the rubbish I have been occupying myself with all this time. I will try and keep you posted. (Actually, I am not even sure there are readers to this blog, so I may only be keeping myself posted!)