book2-smallBook One: The Royal Tournament
Splidge needs a job urgently. He is only twelve, but if he cannot find employment he will be sent to the dreaded workhouse.

The Royal Tournament takes place every six years. It is the national sport of Gud and King Guddamac is depending on it to save his Kingdom from rack and ruin. The Royal Cragflinger has died and the competition cannot take place without another one, so the King has a vacancy.

But someone has a plan to scupper the Tournament and an evil scheme to ‘improve’ the City forever.

Can Splidge find a job? What is cragflinging? Why is a piggy-eyed man trying to kill him? Who is the leather-clad girl with the raven coloured hair? And, what are the small mop-like creatures that people are throwing around?


Book Two: The Purple Death

Splidge and friends set out on a journey into the unmapped areas of Gud to find the missing Royal Army. They travel across the never ending grass valley, the Guddian Mountains and through an arid desert to discover what happened to the Royal Gud’s elder brother, King Ralph, and the esteemed army.

Monsters, crazy inventions and a field of yellow poppies all play their part in this exciting adventure. Splidge, Snotty, Doreen and the Crag must find out why the water in Gud city has become poisonous and how to stop the spread of the Purple Death.


Book Three: The Isle of Gid – COMING SOON!

King Guddamac is kidnapped by pirates. The lovely Doreen is to be married to a notorious buccaneer and a mysterious black monk is haunting the Giddy Isles.

A high seas adventure. Splidge and friends pit their wits against a gang of criminals who disrupt the shipping lanes and cause havoc to the lives of people living on the Isle of Gid. Somewhere, in among the madness, Splidge’s father, is there to be found … maybe.