Month: November 2015

The Purple Death – OUT NOW!

The second adventure begins ...

The second adventure begins …

I am thrilled to announce that the second adventure of Splidge and his friends is now available in paperback and e-book from and other online retailers.

The Purple Death continues the quest to find the young Cragflinger’s missing father. This time Splidge, Snotty, Doreen and the Crag are off on a dangerous journey across the uncharted regions of Gud. On their travels they meet the incredible Mr Fobar – a genius inventor, the beautiful prospector, Melissa Buckweed and a lair of terrifying monsters, possibly the legendary Gudzillars, feared for attacking and killing the Royal Army.
But far worse … the City’s population is suffering from a terrible plague, the Purple Death. With everyone throwing up and bedridden, it is down to a twelve-year-old boy and his friends to try and rescue everyone, including the Royal Gud, before it is too late!

The third book, The Isle of Gid, is expected to be published later in the year, probably in the autumn. It shall the story into the east and on to the high seas surrounding Gud. The Giddy Isles are made up of five curious islands, ruled over by a bunch of swarthy, bloodthirsty pirates. Sea battles, killer sharks, early morning duels and cross-bow firing monks make up some of the obstacles for the young Cragflinger in this adventure. Don’t miss it!

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