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Splidge the Cragflinger books

The first two books are available to read now …

Back in time, in the land of Gud, there is a boy called Splidge. Little does he know, as he leaves his village one morning in search of work, that the biggest adventure of his life is about to begin. Not only will Splidge start working for the fattest King the world has ever seen, but he will befriend a peculiar talking orange mop-shaped creature and enrol in the most important competition occurring once ever six years.

This young lad will lead an expedition into the uncharted regions of Gud in search of monsters, a lost army and his beloved father. He will meet a leather-clad girl with raven coloured hair and pit his wits against the sadistically evil and hideously repellent Baron Frogmorton.

To defend his nation, the poor boy has to face callous pirates, a terrible plague and arduous journeys across testing landscapes. Care you join him on his adventures?

The first two books describing his exhilarating adventures are available now and the third is coming soon. Check out the free samples on the website and find out more about the amazing Splidge the Cragflinger.