Month: December 2013

Book 1: The Royal Tournament

Splidge throws the Crag at the Crag-Scoring-Board

Splidge throws the Crag at the Crag-Scoring-Board

Six years ago, a father leaves the family home and his son, Splidge, to fight in The Wars. He didn’t return.

When Splidge becomes twelve he is deemed ‘of age’ and required to work to support his family. In the land of Gud, children must get a job otherwise they are auctioned off at the Mop Fair for domestic servitude or agricultural labour. If they remain unsold they are sent to the Workhouse.

Splidge is keen to earn money so that he can make a trip to find his father. He discovers there might be an opportunity for him at the Palace. The Royal Gud, King Guddamac is advertising for a Cragflinger, someone with the skills in the ancient art of flinging crags.

The King is desperate; without a Royal Contender on his team, the Royal Tournament cannot take place. Cragflinging is the national sport and it would be a tragedy if it didn’t take place because the games provide the much needed funds the King needs to repair the crumbling Palace.

Splat! - the Crag lands on target. Luckily, they love it!

Splat! – the Crag lands on target. Luckily, they love it!

The story takes place in the wet, rain-drenched land of Gud. A land that is bankrupt and in a state of disarray; overshadowed by the loss of the previous King and his army and where artisan umbrella makers labour hard to keep the populace dry.  However, there is a sinister individual who has his own ambition to change how the City is run. He wishes to disrupt the Royal Tournament and to be rid of the boy who seeks to become the Royal Cragflinger.

When Splidge finds out what this evil man is planning, he and his friends, a raven-haired girl, a sooty dwarf and small orange mop-like creature, are left to put their wits together and save the beloved City from this vile menace.  Splidge, the Cragflinger, a novel by Richard Vobes, shall be published in early 2014.