Feedback to Book 1

My beta readers are busy digesting the first book in Splidge’s adventures and I thought I would share the results from very enthusiastic reader – aged 7!

I sent a questionnaire to elicit a response from my young readers and this is what one little girl said …

About you
Girl, aged 7

3 favourite books – she’s just mentioned 3 of the most recent ones which are: Crazy cow saves the world well almost (Jeremy Strong), Riddle of the Rajah’s Ruby (Enid Blyton adventure story), Narnia
In general she’ll read anything but loves the adventure stories such as the Famous Five and also lots of the more contemporary things like the Jacqueline Wilson and Jeremy Strong books.

About Splidge
Did you enjoy & fully understand it? Yes

Were there any parts that you felt were missing/ confusing – No

What part did you enjoy most? I liked the bit when Doreen was tied to the roof
Any that you didn’t enjoy? No
How does it compare to other books that you have read? Better (I asked her about this and she said that it was better because it was longer, there was more happening and it was more adventurous).

The Characters
Which characters did you like? King, Doreen and Splidge
Which didn’t you like? (she mentioned the Baron but then said that he was right for the story so although he wasn’t her favourite character you shouldn’t change him)
Was there anything that you wanted to know about? What was Doreen’s father’s name?

The Book
What do you think of the book cover and did it match the story? Yes

Did the blurb tell you enough/ excite you to read the story? I didn’t read the blurb (she never reads the blurb)

Did you like the layout and the font? Yes

What did you think of the pictures/ did they fit the book and would you have liked more? Would have liked more (I think that she’d have been happy without pictures too as many of the books that she reads don’t have pictures).

Were there too many big words or did you understand it all? Understood it all.

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